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Mary Lou Brown

1.7 / 5

Words & Music: Red West

I'll hold you tight in the moonlight tonight
I love you Mary Lou Brown
Twinkeling stars told the milky white way
That I marry Mary Lou Brown
And I will tell all the world
Of my young Southern girl,
See her tonight beyond moonlight
So I can hold Mary tight
I'll bring my guitar to the moonlight tonight
I love you Mary Lou Brown
Imagine your heart floating right up the sigh (?)
I love you Mary Lou Brown
Down by the green river side with my arms open wide
I'll wait for her, only for her
Mary Lou Brown's mine tonight
Mary Lou Brown's mine tonight

Recordingdate: 1966, first released on: The Home Recordings (album)


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Tony D. wrote on May 10, 2008
Elvis doesn't actually sing on this if you listen closely! Shouldn't have been released.
JerryNodak wrote on December 06, 2008
Is this on one of those "Home Recordings" fiascos I bought in one of my weaker moments and can no longer make myself listen to?
JimmyCool wrote on December 06, 2008
Well, it was just a HOME recording... it wasn't intended to be released.
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 21, 2009
Mary Lou... Who?
dgirl wrote on January 21, 2009
Should have recorded Hello Mary Lou instead!
Natha wrote on January 21, 2009
Just a home recording. Nothing special. As a whole set it gives us a glance at the joys they had at that particular moment. Not to be taken serious.
Ruthie wrote on January 21, 2009
Just an obscure home recording, nothing more, nothing less. Whether it should have been released or not is not the point. It was done for fun & obviously the man isn't entitled to a session where he can just fool around & have fun. When you attend a jam session, it isn't meant for entertainment or critique. It is what it is.
Monster wrote on September 29, 2010
I'm sure i can hear Elvis singing bass on this. It's very quiet. My ears might be playing tricks on me but I'm sure it's Red West on lead, Charlie on tenor and Elvis rumbling along with them on bass. It's a pleasant enough tune if nothing special. Better than much of the stuff he recorded professionally in 66 (not including the HGTA sessions of course).
sugartummy wrote on April 07, 2013
Maybe it could have been something with a good arrangment.
ElvisSacramento wrote on July 03, 2014
I think that this is a beautiful ballad and I wish that Elvis had recorded a proper studio version of it instead. Red West is such a great songwriter.
atomic powered poste wrote on June 09, 2018
Was it necessary to release this? I don't think so. I don't blame elvis for it, it's just a homerecording - never intended for release, so no critic from me for the artist, but this is of course unlistenable. 1 star.
Gorse wrote on June 09, 2018
A private recording that may or may not have Elvis on it, and not to be taken seriously. I find the song pleasant enough for what it is but rarely listen to it.
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