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2.5 / 5

Words & Music: Ben Weisman Sid Wayne

Dominic, Dominic why are you stallin'
Don't you hear love callin' to you
Moo, moo, move your little foot do

Dominic, Dominic pick one of them ticker
There's acres and acres to choose
Oh, oh, only a fool would refuse

I, I, If I had your trouble
Life would be double good sweet
There'd be no grass growin' under my feet

Listen Dominic, Dominic when will you hunger
You ain't gettin' younger my friend
Love, love, love 'em all right to the end

I, I, I can't understand you, leavin' them beauties forlorn
It's time to take the old bull by the horn
Come on Dominic, Dominic, they're itchin' and twitchin'
Better start pickin' some woo
Moo, moo, move your little foot do!

Recordingdate: 1967/10/01, first released on: Double Features (album)


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Steve V wrote on May 27, 2009
As the story goes, Elvis said to RCA never to release this song because he hated it so much. I think he's actually recorded worse songs than this. This song is actually funny and has a great harmonica in it. Certainly not his worst, but he had probably had it with silly movies tunes at this point in his career.
Deano1 wrote on February 21, 2010
This one is a hard one to rate. Elvis doesn't take it seriously and the song was never properly recorded. It was recorded right onto the movie soundtrack and at Elvis' request, not released on record. Elvis really mocks the lyrics and hits some strange, twangy notes on words such as "forlorn" and "sweet". I will give it 1 1/2 stars. It is better than "Barefoot Ballad" and Golden Coins", but giving it two stars would be a stretch.
sitdown revamped wrote on March 04, 2010
I wonder, if Elvis ever heard, that it got published on a bootleg. If I am not totally wrong, PRM was published by 1970 as the first Elvis bootleg ever... Are coming to the end of the vaults? Oh and yes...much better than Barefoot Ballad...guess was really fed up with these types of songs...
dgirl wrote on March 04, 2010
Pretty bad, but it was not to be taken seriously. However other songs on other soundtracks were (Golden Coins, Queenie Wahini) and that makes them worse than this. I actually like Elvis's voice on this. Kind of a spoof.
derekd wrote on March 04, 2010
Played it twice, couldn't believe how poor it was the 1st time. Second was even worst. Just think, Elvis on his world wide tour and he sings a medley of, Heartbreak Hotel~All Shook Up~It's Now Or Never~Surrender~Burning Love~Dominic & Can't Help Falling In Love. Wonder would anyone notice?
shoesuedeblues wrote on March 04, 2010
It has to be said, this is real crap.Not surprised Elvis didn't want this one released. I wish he had shown the same reluctance with a further half dozen soundtrack albums too.
old shep wrote on March 04, 2010
Reading the lyrics is bad enough without listening to Elvis' full vocal. It's amazing that songwriters could actually hand over stuff like this to be considered.
NONE000000 wrote on March 05, 2010
I'm really tempted to defend this one. Elvis sounds great, though he is barely trying (can't blame him). I actually like the bit of a country yodel he does and the music itself isn't terrible. The song sort of tapers off and fades out. Elvis sounds increasingly fed up with the song as it goes on, which in itself is interesting to hear. By the end it sounds much more like he just gives up on the song than a real ending.
Monster wrote on September 30, 2010
I have no problem with this one. It's not a serious song and it#s reasonably amusing and fits well in the film. But my guess is that Elvis was embarrassed at singing a song that pleads with a bull to throw his leg over. Yeah when you put it like that he's probably right. It's still better than Barefoot Ballad and most of the Marum Scarum soundtrack though!
Natha wrote on October 05, 2011
Sometimes I wonder how a team of song writers (if we can call them this!) can cook up something like this and having in mind the King! You can hear Elvis trying his best to make something out of it. I can understand he had it with the silly songs. It may fit in the movie, yet for the King this is (like some other songs) embarrassing. I can imagine why he said: I missed the contact with the audience. That gave him a boost to show his real quality.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 05, 2011
a very bad song
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 05, 2011
A fun movie song moment in the film, but not a great song, standing on it's own. Elvis makes the best of it.
freedom101 wrote on October 05, 2011
Funny song along the same lines as "Song of the Shrimp" and "Walls Have Ears". I love them all.
TCB1974 wrote on October 05, 2011
The movie scene with the ladies undressing is somewhat entertaining but that is about it. The song is weak and Elvis sounds bored. I remember hearing this song for the first time when it was just released and being amazed at how weak recording it was. No wonder this was never released during Elvis his lifetime. One star from me.
tornado wrote on January 21, 2012
I always found dubious that Elvis had specifically asked for that song not to be released. It was not better or worst than many other silly songs he recorded for the movie soundtracks. And I never despise them. I never skip them when I listen to a session line up. It's just fun to me and I enjoy them as they come. Spoof yes, but the man said it: "I sing all kind" and he did.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 21, 2012
Elvis sings it, very Country, on purpose, of course, and its meant to be fun moment, in the film, and it was !
Bill (BW) wrote on January 21, 2012
Not the worst song Elvis ever recorded. Some of the lyrics posted are incorrect. It is not "pick one of them ticker," instead it is "pick one and take her." Also, it is not "leavin' them beauties forlorn," it is "leavin' them beauties for lawn."
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 28, 2012
This isn't a great song, but it's a very funny one. So, I've always enjoyed listening to this song because of the very funny lyrics. It's a very fun song that happens to be very funny.
sitdown revamped wrote on January 31, 2013
Ok, Dominic again ;-). I would add something to my 2010 post below: As it seems that FTD are getting to the bottom of the barrel, here's suggestion for a next FTD-Book-CD release: "Elvis-Stay Away Joe-Frame by Frame (10000 pics)" and CD: "The Complete Dominic Sessions" Pricetag: US$ 250.00 (limited edition of 135 stands for January 35). What ya think?
Gorse wrote on January 31, 2013
Not even the marvellous vocal instrument of Elvis can rescue this one from vinyl oblivion
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 31, 2013
This is Elvis singing in a real Country style voice, all for fun. Entertaining scene in the movie, and not meant to be taken seriously. I think everyone in the studio, knew, this wasn't going to be, a classic song. Critics and some fans need to lighten up on this song and others like "Do the Clam" & "The Bullfighter was a Lady", etc. It was music, meant for, particuliar scenes in the movies. Elvis recorded enough great songs to be considered the "king" and the very few movie clunker songs along the way, should be allowed.
alanfalk wrote on January 31, 2013
It's kind of weird but I never skip this song, I think it is fun and it is OK for a movie song, of course it was kind of a waste to let the worlds greatest singer sing songs like this. It says something about Elvis as a performer though that he can make songs like this somewhat entertaining. I also like Song of the shrimp, The walls have ears and the Bullfighter was a lady, they all have something about them, (I don't like most songs on Harum holiday or Paradise H. S. ,so it's not that I love everything he recorded).
hollandarevagen wrote on January 31, 2013
I tell myself its not Elvis this must be Jimmy Ellis, it has to be
sugartummy wrote on March 02, 2013
I never skip a Elvis song. It's Elvis! Saw the movie again some two weeks ago. Elvis riding that old Triumph motorcycle are the scenes of any Elvis movie that I love the best. Why didn't they do Easy Rider with Elvis instead of Peter Fonda? O right, Fonda was the producer of the film. Anyway, Dominic. Not so bad was it? Just like the movie. And damn, did Elvis ever look better!? Don't think so.
GBK42 wrote on August 23, 2022
I don't mind it, but "Dominic" is still the weakest song from Stay Away, Joe. I'll give this tune three stars at best.
DerekH wrote on October 25, 2022
Never play it
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