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Catchin' on Fast

3.3 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

Won't you show me how to kiss
Put your lips on mine
Do you do it just like this
Tell me I'm doing fine
We got a good thing going now take your time
Come on and make it last.
Love may be new to you but Oooh, I'm catchin' on fast

Give, give, gimme all you've got to give
Love, love, love every moment you live
Now you've taught me all you know
Have I passed the test
Show me all you've got to show
Baby you're the best

But tell me I've learned quickly and I know each trick
I'm sure love's gonna last
Love maybe new to you but Oooh I'm catchin' on fast

Recordingdate: 1963/09/30, first released on: Kissin' Cousins (album)


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Lex wrote on January 27, 2009
The fact that this is about the most catchy song on the album says enough about the soundtrack...
dgirl wrote on April 14, 2009
Boy talk about a subdued, semi-rock n roll song, this is it. Perhaps a minute longer would have been nice, but basically its rubbish as was the movie & soundtrack.
Steve Morse wrote on November 22, 2009
The movie is mostly garbage. The soundtrack is not bad, was recorded in Nashville and has Elvis in very good voice. Catchin' On Fast is quite a sophisticated little item, sound-wise. I rather like it !
old shep wrote on November 22, 2009
Elvis voice was still coping with the boredom of songs of this dubious caliber but that would not go on for much longer. Elvis really should have stood his ground and rejected songs like this.
bluesboy wrote on November 22, 2009
We Elvis fans were stupid enough to buy these third rate soundtracks and to go see those silly movies. If we wouldn't have done that, believe me, things would have changed very fast. Don't blame the Colonel, don't blame Elvis, put the blame on us.
Swen wrote on November 22, 2009
As one of the "guys" (Lance) said: "After "Viva Las Vegas" we were on to the quickies". Everything went downhill. Fast! Script, direction, songs, cast, and TIME! Worse was to follow culminating with "Easy Come, Easy Go". Surviving this proves the genius of Elvis Presley, and the years 65-66-67 his fatal weaknesses as a person. Had HE not recorded these songs NOBODY would ever talk or write a word about them. This one is just another piece of rubbish in a very LONG row.
Great Dane wrote on November 22, 2009
The movie wasn't that good,but the album with songs like:Tender feeling,Once is enough and long lonely highway isn't that bad.
Deano1 wrote on November 22, 2009
A short, forgettable song from the movie and LP "Kissin' Cousins" (1964). Not as bad as the worst songs from this movie (the embarrassing "Barefoot Ballad", the hard to listen to "Smokey Mountain Boy", the tedious "One Boy, Two Little Girls" and the horrible title song, sung over the credits "Kissin' Cousins"), but not a good song either. It sounds like the band is playing a hundred miles away and Elvis' voice sounds hollow. This song was recorded in Nashville, but sounds like it was done on an old cassette recorder. Overall, I give it two stars and they may be generous.
Steve V wrote on November 22, 2009
One word - garbage. The only good thing about this soundtrack was Tender Feeling and the bonus songs.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 22, 2009
Never heard this song ever...
NONE000000 wrote on May 07, 2010
The main thing I remember about this song was that it seems to last about 30 seconds. Its just one of those interchangeable movie songs. It's not at the very bottom, but it is nowhere near the top as far as quality. Barely even qualifies as fluff.
JerryNodak wrote on May 07, 2010
Short song? Yes. Sing the song. Advance the action. Move on. That was the concept. Some of you seem unable to grasp it. Fun movie. Fun song. Enjoyable soundtrack.
shoesuedeblues wrote on May 07, 2010
Bad song, bad album, bad film.
Marty_TCE wrote on May 07, 2010
I like this song and I like Kissin' Cousins! Catchy little ditty but it's no classic.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 07, 2010
One of my favorites from the "Kissin' Cousins" soundtrack album.
Monster wrote on May 27, 2010
I've never been much of a fan of this soundtrack, especially the Christmas dinner that is Barefoot Ballad but I've come to realise that it's the production and approach to the songs as much as the songs themselves. For example, had Catchin' on fast been given a more aggresive sound from the band and attacking vocal from Elvis it might not have been half bad for a soundtrack song. The little drum fills in particular are an insight into perhaps how this song could have sounded and felt. As it stands Elvis sounds a little high pitched and smooth on it.
TBG wrote on May 27, 2010
Hmm, I don't understand all the bad critics this movie gets. I enjoy this movie much more than the movies from 1965 and onwards, with a couple of exceptions. Yeah, the movie was finished in 3 weeks or so but it's not that bad. As for the songs, they are way better than several of the other soundtracks. The original Kissin Cousins title track is great, I think Barefoot Ballad is a funny song, and One Boy Two Little Girls is a nice ballad. There's Gold In The Mountains is also quite nice, and also Anyone. They're nothing like the 50's material, but compared to the soundtracks soon to come Kissin Cousins is not that bad. It's an average movie with average songs - except for the Kissin Cousins title track which is above average (and did nicely on the charts) :-)
derekd wrote on May 27, 2010
Poor recording, liked the film, the Lp too, but that was back in 1964. Not what I'd watch or listen to now. Much much better other recordings available to listen to.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 22, 2011
Great vocals from Elvis. Should have been longer in length. The soundtrack featured great bonus tracks.
TCB1974 wrote on August 22, 2011
It is a pity that the song don't last... only 1:20 is really too short but the good news is that this is actually quite an enjoyable recording from the Kissin' Cousins soundtrack. The bad news is that this was the first Elvis movie that visibly was produced on a limited budget while Fun in Acapulco and Viva Las Vegas were still full fledged top productions in their genre. The scene in the movie is fun though and Elvis looks amazingly handsome giving a sexy performance. Three stars from me.
LonElvis wrote on August 22, 2011
This is a great sound track song and in a movie and on a soundtrack I really enjoy. This is an excellent vocal by the king!
sugartummy wrote on July 15, 2013
I don't know this song for long and haven't played it much yet, but I really like it. It doesn't sound like a movie song to me. It has more class. But it's over before you know it with the sudden ending. Let's put it on replay then.
Gorse wrote on August 19, 2013
I put the film songs into another category from studio songs and rate them accordingly. This as part of a soundtrack is a pleasant listen but as stated much too short for vinyl. This has the basic elements to have been developed into something a lot more substantial.- 2 1/2 stars
shawnrw wrote on May 05, 2015
A catchy tune, forgive the pun. Good, but far from great.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 16, 2017
The "unedited master" of this song is now available on the "Kissin' Cousins" soundtrack on the FTD label.
The Hawk wrote on April 12, 2022
A funky little production number with that groovy electric piano throughout. Kissin' Cousins may have been a total lemon of a flick, but for somebody like myself who doesn't go right out and automatically disparage Elvis's post-Army soundtrack output out of hand, there were some passable songs featured in it, such as the title track, "Once Is Enough," "There's Gold in the Mountains," this tune, and my favorite being the ballad "Tender Feeling." And no, I do not agree with Steve V in the comments above when he said that "Tender Feeling" and the bonus cuts were the only good thing about the soundtrack.
Milky White Way wrote on January 31, 2023
Following an artist today, a fan would get to enjoy a new album once every few years max. As Elvis fans, we got a few albums every year! Each soundtrack was rushed through to save money for extra profits. Elvis was big money. But he had to work with what was presented to him. He selected the best of the bunch to suit the movie. I listen to them as Gorse does, soundtrack songs and enjoy them ( mostly). It’s not a perfect song but I would like it more than a few of his 50s to 70s studio output. 3.5 stars for the unedited FTD version.
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