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Allá En El Rancho Grande

3.0 / 5

Words & Music: Silvano Ramos E.D. Urange J.D. Del Moral

Allá en el rancho grande
Allá donde vívía
Habi'a una rancherita
Que alegre me decía
Que alegre me decía:
"Te voy hacer unos calzones
comos los que usa el ranchero
Los comenzo de lana
y los acabo de hierro."

There in the great ranch
There where she used to live
There used to be a cowgirl
Who joyfully used to tell me
Who joyfully used to tell me
"I'm going to make some trousers
like those which the cowboy wears
I'm starting them with wool
and I'm finishing them with iron."

Recordingdate: 1970/07 or 1970/08, first released on: Walk a Mile in My Shoes (album)


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JerryNodak wrote on April 18, 2008
A waste of time.
FLASHBOY wrote on May 31, 2008
All i can say is when Elvis is happy and joking around it make me feel so great i never get tired hearing Elvis like that he was incridible even when he was not serious.
Dorulet wrote on May 31, 2008
A very funny song, by no means a comercial interpretation... he wasn't trying to sell a record, just having fun, you know... I personally like it :)
My boy, my boy wrote on May 31, 2008
It shows how versatile a King of rock and roll can be. I do enjoy listening to such jamming. It's obvious to hear how Elvis himself enjoyed so much "fooling around" like he used to say. :p
Steve V wrote on May 31, 2008
Ridiculous choice for song of the day. Most people wont even know it. I feel so bad that my little sister will be crying in the chapel when she reads this. It hurts me. Get the hint?
Lex wrote on May 31, 2008
Funny choice, it recalls the fun of hearing it for the first time!
JLpResLey wrote on June 30, 2008
Yes, very funny version. Maybe not good, but that´s not was he was looking for. It´s a typical jam, nothing else. But you can hear the joy in his voice, that makes me feel good. When Elvis and the band was jamming, to me the result would always be outstanding, because of the joy that Elvis seems to feel. I feel it too. "Got my mojo workin" and "I was born about 10.000 years ago", is performances just like this and they are both very, very good.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 30, 2008
Very funny song..typical rehearsal moment from Elvis. Just having fun and sing this song spontanious..It marks Elvis' scense of humor !
dressingroomrehearsa wrote on June 30, 2008
so come on out with every snippet of jamsession material. I would go for a cd serial or a boxset decadewise.....any vegas rehearsals from 69 in some vault?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 28, 2008
Just a jam song, i admit i have sung along to it,well the words i understood, When are the importers going to update titles like theres always me vol 4, brightest star on sunset blvd 1 &2 , they have great rehearsals and many many fans dont have this material. come on madison!
Ruthie wrote on October 28, 2008
Just a "fun" jam session tune, certainly not meant to be serious or an artistic endeavor. It is silly enough to make you "laugh" & it's the little things like this that add "fun" & "humor" to our lives. Some of us need to laugh a lot more. Not every song is meant for a critique. Get the hint.
ivag wrote on March 14, 2009
I listened to it once. That was enough.
Jim Hoff wrote on March 14, 2009
Fabulous choice as b-side to 'Dominick". lol.
JerryNodak wrote on March 14, 2009
They found a place for this on the '70s box, but couldn't manage to squeeze in "Early Morning Rain." I guess this was more essential. LOL!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 24, 2011
A fun Jam, which was added, to the "70s Box set-Walk a mile in my shoes", not because it was "Essential", but because it was "unreleased music" that, the fans, hadn't heard before, and this was part of the attraction, for buying, the boxset.
Gorse wrote on November 05, 2012
Yes a jam not to be taken seriously, and is just an insight into Elvis letting his hair down and having a bit of musical fun. I will give it 3 stars as I find it an entertaining diversion.
john804 wrote on November 05, 2012
I would like to hear a studio version by ELVIS. I like this one though.
ElvisSacramento wrote on November 06, 2012
This is such a fun Elvis jam and performance and I've always enjoyed listening to it when I've listened to it. It's always great hearing Elvis sing in foreign languages too.
sugartummy wrote on February 22, 2013
To my knowledge, Elvis sang in 5 different languages:English, German, Spanish, Italian & Hawaiian. I laughed my socks off when I heard this for the first time; still love it. Elvis had 5 star humor.
Gorse wrote on April 26, 2013
Elvis having great fun with a song not intended for release, but there is a market amongst fans to hear everything he sung no matter what the quality. I enjoy it for what it is, and the good feel factor it emits, nothing more nothing less, and so I don't get uptight about the whole thing.
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