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The Last 24 Hours


The Last 24 Hours
Released: 2004/04/26 by Direct Video Distribution
A documentary look at the last hours in the life of Elvis Presley, including interviews with key members of The Memphis Mafia. This release also inlcudes a 40 minute audio CD featuring Elvis' backing group The Jordinaires.

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Jungle Room wrote on April 01, 2008
The usual talking heads (Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Lamar Fike) pass by, accompanied by archive-footage and a lot of well known pictures. I guess the makers didn't have any rights on official Elvis-footage, so we don't hear original songs. The movie about the last 24 hours in the life of Elvis and his decline from 1973 onwards, concentrates on all kind of details, which will fit perfectly in a gossip-story. Esposito tells his, already familiar, story about the minute he found Elvis in his bathroom at Graceland. Larry Geller goes all the way: he lets us know what he felt when he saw Elvis in the coffin and is proud to confirm he's the last person who touched Elvis. At this point you get the impression that Geller is the most important man in the story, not Elvis! The movie gives us details about Elvis's death you and I don't want to know, but fails to give an in-depth story about the cause of his sad decline. Couldn't the first global rockstar handle all the pressure from the Colonel and the media? Was he too much protected by the Memphis Mafia? Did he felt alone and abandoned by his family, his wife and couldn't he deal with the loss of his mother? A lot of interesting questions, but this doc offer no answers, only 'seedy' details. And therefore misses the point.
Rating: 1 / 5