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Lilo And Stitch


Lilo And Stitch
Released: 2002/12/03 by Walt Disney Home Video
As Elvis might put it, you can't help falling in love with Lilo & Stitch. This worldwide box office sensation is a heartwarming comedy about the power of loyalty, friendship, and finding your place in the world. The music of Elvis helps out.

ElvisNews review

For the review of Disney's Lilo And Stitch we sent two special reporters, Brian (eight) and Jesse (eleven), to the theatre to do a review for us. Here are the results of the jury.

Today I saw the film Lilo & Stitch and it was very funny. I thought David was the funniest because he could surf very good. He went through the waves very well. The funniest I found was that the sister Nani, and Lilo and Stitch stood as a threesome on the surfboard. In the beginning it was really exciting because Stitch had been tied up and on sites had pistols around him which could shoot straight through things. Stitch started to dribble and then the pistols started to shoot at the slobber and then Stitch rushed from underneath it.

I found it very sad that the little sister had to cry and was sitting on the floor when Lilo was almost taken away, but luckily Lilo ran into the wood.

When Lilo, Nani and David were on the beach and Lilo was sitting in the sand, and Nani and David were building a castle over her I found that very funny. And that Stitch was copying that. When he was finished he put a leave on top of himself….. And his castle was flat.

I also found it very funny that Stitch was some kind of cd-player. When he opened his mouth there was music and when he closed his mouth there was no more music. Lilo loves Elvis music and Stich was very good at playing guitar. I kind of liked the music.

Oh yes, I also found it funny that Stitch started to build a city from all kind of toys and later destroyed everything. I would surely like to see the film once more.

By Brian, eight years old.

On 24 July we went to the cinema to see the film Lilo & Stitch. It really is a super cool film. It tells about a little girl, Lilo, who lives together with her sister in a house. Their parents have died in a car accident. Somewhere far away on another planet some doctor has created an alien creature whom demolishes everything he sees. He is called 626. He had to be transported to another planet but ended up on Earth. Lilo very much wanted a dog and choose the alien creature. She called him Stitch. The doctor and another creature have also been sent to Earth to look for Stitch. Stitch is a funny creature and experiences many things. At first he is terribly annoying, but he learns a lot through his master Lilo. If you want to know what really happens you will have to go and look for yourself!. The six Elvis songs you hear in the film have been timed on the right moments. It is a very funny film. But sometimes it is also a bit sad. I will give you a tip: go and see it!!!

By Jesse, eleven years.

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