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Elvis At The Movies


Elvis At The Movies
Released: 2002/07
Documentary on Elvis' sixties movies.

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The design is a very basic seventies style, nothing special. There is a slight difference between the European and American cover.

The menu of the disc is basic too, but complete. You get access to the movie and the various chapters, Elvis' movies. With so few options this DVD is very easy to navigate around, it’s basically just load and play, you can’t go wrong.


This documentary deals with Elvis' movie performances, as one might expect from the title. Before his two years in the army Elvis had established himself as an entertainer, both as a singer and an actor. Nobody expected him to regain his popularity in both fields after two years of absence. They were wrong. Elvis stated a few years of movie making and soundtrack singing. This kept him popular for a few years, but half way the sixties his popularity started to decline, as did the quality of his movies. This documentary shows that all too clear. It contains only his sixties movies.

The documentary is build around the usual movie trailers and a few press conferences from his army discharge. The quality of the footage varies a lot. From fair ('Spin Out'), to poor ('It Happened At The Worlds Fair') to very poor (paradise Hawaiian Style'). The footage looks to be shot in a movie theatre sometimes since the image moves and we see a lot of lines. Some of the colour footage is almost black and white.


This DVD is a collection of sixties movie trailers with a very short introduction. You're better off buying 'Elvis in Hollywood'.

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