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Tickle Me


Tickle Me
Released: 2002/05 by BMG
Soundtrack of the movie. Probably one of Elvis' best soundtracks.

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Tickle Me

Not too often we review vinyl releases since 99 percent comes out on CD. For this 'Ticle Me' release we make a difference since it only came out on vinyl.


The design of this album is well done. It is in the same clear white movie poster style as the deluxe re-releases of ‘G.I. Blues’ and ‘Blue Hawaii’ and the vinyl releases of ‘Loving You’, ‘Jailhouse Rock’, and ‘King Creole'.

Included is a twelve page booklet with some background information on the songs the movie with a lot of covers, coloured photos and production stills. It even includes an ‘Official Tickle Me Colouring Competition’.


We enjoyed putting on a new record for a review for a change. This album contains eighteen tracks including two radio trailers from Allied Artists for the movie. We get the songs from the soundtrack and the undubbed master of ‘I’m Yours’ on side A and on the flip side a series of alternative takes for songs like ‘Slowly But Surely’ (Take 1), ‘Night Rider’ (take 5) and ‘Dirty Dirty Feeling’ (take 1).

Overall these are some of the better moviesongs Elvis recorded. It is still great to hear some studio chat between outtakes since it gives kind of a feeling like you’re listening in on the session. The alternate takes are not too different from the actual masters.

The sound quality of the songs is very good, that of the radio trailers that we added is of lesser quality.


This album was great to listen to. It makes a complete package with the soundtrack, outtakes and commercials, finished of with the great package. This set remembered us to put on a record more frequently and not always to skip the moviesection of our collection when picking out something to play.

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JerryNodak wrote on August 21, 2007
I have the FTD version of this album. Love it!! Play it often.
Rating: 4 / 5