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Elvis 56


Elvis 56
Released: 2000 by Lightyear
Elvis 56 includes his early television performances on the Dorsey Brother Show and the Ed Sullivan Show, and features rare early recordings and exclusive footage captured during Elvis' breakthrough year.

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This 2DVD set contains the previously released documentaries 'Elvis 56' and 'Elvis in Hollywood 50’s'.


This repackaged set has a better presentation than the two original DVD’s. It comes in a paper sleeve with a stunning Elvis picture on the cover. Inside a fold-out digipack in DVD-size. Inside more pictures, mostly promotional shots. The package contain a booklet with information on Elvis’ fifties movies and four postcards.


The content consists of two documentaries, Elvis 56 and Elvis In Hollywood – The 50’s. This last documentary has been released long time ago and we still wonder when the next volumes focusing on the 60’s and 70’s will be made.

Elvis '56
1956 was Elvis Presley's breakthrough year, when popularity gave way to national and international fame and, as a 21-year-old, he changed the face of popular music forever. Elvis '56 captures Elvis's initial television appearances including his early performances on the Dorsey brothers' Stage Show and his historic and controversial hip-shaking rendition of 'Hound Dog' on The Milton Berle Show. It featured exclusive footage and early recordings. Tracklist includes: Blue Suede Shoes, Shake Rattle And Roll, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Don't Be Cruel and many more.

Elvis In Hollywood
This documentary contained fascinating and previously unseen footage when it first came it. It is a behind-the-scenes view of the world's greatest entertainer during his early movie career. Featuring film clips, home movie footage, photographs and in-depth interviews with Elvis's manager, friends and colleagues. Tracklist includes: Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Baby I Don't Care.

At the time these documentaries were released first the video’s contained a lot of interesting footage. This is now wider available. Even so these documentaries stands out from most ‘early years’ documentaries in both content and presentation, containing the real Elvis. The only minor on this release is they only upgraded the package, not the content, they used the same source as for the original DVD’s.


This set is a great addition to your collection if you don’t own the documentaries ‘Elvis 56’ and ‘Elvis In Hollywood – The 50’s’. If you already own the two single DVD’s you can stick to these since you probably won’t mail the bonus postcards of this set anyway.

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Mystery Rider wrote on July 21, 2007
The Dorsey Shows show Elvis close to his original Live act, he changes as 1956 progresses because he has to please the critics who want to hang our guy out to dry.
Rating: 5 / 5