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That's The Way It Is


That's The Way It Is
3.5 / 5
Released: 2014/08/12 by Warner Home

Blue ray version of this movie, finally.

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JerryNodak wrote on June 23, 2014
No thank you. I don't care for the "remake" at all.
Rating: 3 / 5
burton wrote on July 14, 2014
For the first time on Blu-Ray & it'll only play on American Blu-Ray machines, as it's being advertised as being Region A. So us fans in Europe where Elvis is more poplar than in his home country will miss out again. What idiot releases these products? don't they realize Elvis is "THE" only Planet wide "MEGA STAR" during the last 100 years & should be available as Region Free.
Rating: 1 / 5
moseleyman wrote on August 08, 2014
Totally agree with the last comment Here in the uk we should be given the same release dates for thats the way it is and the new 50 th anniversary of Viva las vegas And while on the subject of elvis movies being put on Blu Ray There should be a top Elvis Fan be put in charge of researching the archives for future releases to make sure any outtakes or song outakes are included in future releases such as the alternate ending to wild in the country and the alternate tonights allright for love from G I Blues which was only available in germany Cmon the estate you need to concentrate on Elvis film output a bit more now as its this dept that is sadly lacking in the elvis world Thats the way and elvis on tour good start altho E on tour could have been a lot better with outtakes etc so follow on from the new releases this month and lets have outtakes to each film on blue ray all in digibook format please and start releasing these a few every year so us fans over 50 will live to see all the films released this way and above all please release in the uk and europe the same time elvisly kev
Rating: 5 / 5
Raleighroadace wrote on October 06, 2014
I bought my copy, with booklet etc from Amazon uk and it plays fine on my UK player. Blu ray version picture is excellent but I prefer the original film, which is also excellent quality, albeit in standard definition. My disappointment with this is the outtakes which are really bad quality eventhough some of them were straight from the Lost Performances, where the picture is much better. Work that one out.
Rating: 5 / 5