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Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me


Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me
3.0 / 5
Released: 2008/09 by Essential Elvis

It has been a year in the making: the first volume of Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me, with Jeanne LeMay. The majority of this DVD was filmed during Jeanne's trip to the UK last year. She was captured talking candidly about her time with Elvis at Graceland, on tour and in Vegas. She openly discusses how she was able to enjoy a close relationship with Elvis through her friendship with Linda Thompson, how she became a secretary at Graceland and what went on during those years. Her memories of those times are funny, fascinating and extremely riveting. Jeanne is a great talker and her warmth comes across beautifully in this 80-minute programme.

As an extra, included is stunning new 1974 8mm film of Elvis. The producers have been working hard on having the reels digitally transferred and restored. The speed is expertly corrected, the picture quality has been enhanced and the brightness and colour has been re-worked enabling them to offer the footage in virtually perfect quality.

This will be amongst the best quality amateur footage that you've ever seen of Elvis on stage.

For the first time you'll get to see 1974 Vegas footage captured during Elvis' August 29th 1974 midnight show, September 1st dinner show and the infamous September 2nd closing show (wearing the beautiful Man Tiger jumpsuit). There's lots of karate on these clips with Red West coming on stage at one point to help Elvis with his belt and karate gi. Elvis even knocks poor Charlie Ho

pasa-ryu wrote on September 09, 2009
i know the person who supplied this rare 1974 footage to "Essential Elvis" and he is a good friend!!(i am not allowed to give his name,lets just say he is a "welsh man")...looking foward to seeing the karate footage!!.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 07, 2009
I got a free dvd copy of this from ANDY JONES who is the person who owns the footage from KANSAS CITY in 1974(he owns the world-wide copyright to this footage and is the only person in the world who owns the "original" reels)i must say that hgis friend from Esssential Elvis(Andrew Hearn) has done a very good job indeed on restoring the amature footage and it is a very nice to dvd to watch!-Jeanne lemay is a lovely person and obviously loved elvis and misses him and his 'charisma'..if you aint got this superb dvd,go to the Essential Elvis website and purchase a dvd now-you wil not be disapinted.(it's only £14.99)10 out of 10 for this warm,thoughtful and intresting dvd.
Natha wrote on October 12, 2009
The footage is great. A pity that there is no sound on the long clip. So you have to listen to the CD to grasp it all. The narration is lovely and shows the great impact Elvis had on her. You get more valuable items than the price suggests. Definitely not a rip off by money makers.
Rating: 5 / 5