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Elvis and Pat Boone - Rockin Rivals


Elvis and Pat Boone - Rockin Rivals
Released: 2008/03/18 by Passport
An entertaining and insightful one-hour look at the friendly rivalry between Mr. Blue Suede Shoes and Mr. White Buck Shoes who dominated the pop charts in the 1950s. As Pat himself puts it "I was the salt and he was the pepper." Included are rare film TV and newsreel clips plus revealing interviews with such luminaries as Dick Clark Tom Jones Glen Campbell Kenny Rogers Phyllis McGuire Bill Medley Arlene Dahl Joe Esposito Shirley Jones and the legends themselves: Elvis and Pat Boone.

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al shookup wrote on June 21, 2008
How on earth Pat Boone can be referred to as a 'rock' singer beggars belief. The nearest he ever came was singing the jokey 'Speedy Gonzales'! He was America's 'Mr Clean' and was seen as the antithesis of Elvis in the fifties. Nice voice but definitely NOT a rocker!
Rating: 3 / 5