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Elvis In 3D


Elvis In 3D
Released: 2008/11/10 by Spirit

‘Elvis in 3D’ is made as a documentary about Elvis’ life, told true the eyes of the people who are close with him. Nine of Elvis’ classic TV performances got a ‘3D restoration’. Using the unique and exclusive 3D technique (Dynamic Motion System) each amazing performance of Elvis' is brought back to life in multi-layered 3D imagery. For the first time in over fifty years the viewer can join the audience and experience the 'magic of Elvis'. 

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burton wrote on January 14, 2009
Does it come with 3D glasses?
Rating: 3 / 5
webster wrote on May 18, 2009
i purchased this item ie the 3d dvd and i must say in 50 years of collecting elvis this is the biggest rip off of all time the reproduction is really rubbish and even a ardent collector will be really dissapointed if they waste money on this,it is allmost i would say unveiwable, save your money fans and buy a good elvis dvd
Rating: 1 / 5