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Follow Me To Tennessee


Follow Me To Tennessee
Released: 200/06/13 by Essential Elvis
In "Follow me to Tennessee", Andrew shows you the footsteps of Elvis, and explains the history of the 123 Elvis Hot Spots in the state of Tennessee on 116 pages. It's not the first book about Elvis in Memphis, but the city has changed so much over the years that an updated book had to be written.
pasa-ryu wrote on September 08, 2007
I been to memphis and tupelo myself and i DO NOT need someone like "Andrew Hearn" trying to tell me what to expect and what to do in memphis!-i think he is an "overated" elvis expert and his magazine is carbon copy of "Now Dig This"(th man and and his music),,The reson is that andrew hearn trys to claim that he is the only one who manges to get "rare elvis interviews" in his very-thin "essential elvis" magazine!!;i aslo found his manners on the telephone rather rude and onproffessional-especially when i has a serious complaint with some damged products that i recieved from his web-site.(i do not reccomend any elvis fan joining his magazine)..i prefert to read the better "Elvis-The Man&His Music from the superb now dig this poeople..they are alot friendlier and better customer service.
Rating: 1 / 5