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Inside Roustabout (DVD + Book + Vinyl Single)


Inside Roustabout (DVD + Book + Vinyl Single)
Released: 2007/03 by Elvis Unlimited
An 112 pages full colour book featuring a lot of unknown stories and pictures, never before seen footage on a DVD and a 45 RPM single with rare radio spots.

ElvisNews review

A box set on one of Elvis lesser movies. Is the box set more interesting than the movie?


This set from Elvis Unlimited comes in a nice package, a box set with a book, a DVD, vinyl single with rare radio spots and postcards, a very attractive set. The box set already wins from the movie here.


The content of the box set consists of a main feature and some additional goodies. The latter are fun to have and to play once. But a minute of footage with Elvis off-set for a few seconds in real time is fun to see, but adding the same footage again in slow motion doesn’t make it more interesting. Then I prefer the addition of the complete movie like on the upcoming “Inside Double Trouble” box set.

The main feature is of course the book. Like the previous box set, “Inside G.I. Blues”, it is pretty complete and well illustrated. It tells the story and background on the movie, the actors and at the looks of it anybody, both the famous and the uncredited persons involved, who contributed to the movie. A lot of research went into this.

The detailed, partly day by day, information is very well illustrated with a lot of movie stills, on, off and behind the stage pictures. Personally I like the memorabilia best. It is fun to see the same basic material used in so many different ways in posters, magazines, lobby cards and album and single releases.


The “Inside Roustabout” is a more than enjoyable package on a very average movie.

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