Elvis Presley 1973/01/14
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Elvis the Concert Years (Stein Erik Skar)
Ed Bonja
Honolulu International Center, Hawaii
American Eagle Suit (bett
On January 10, 1973, a helicopter touched down as fans surrounded it, for the chance to touch Elvis. Around 1,000 fans gathered around Elvis to pay tribute to the artist who had made 3 of his films on Hawaii, held a charity concert, and who was now going to hold another concert where the takings would go to charity. To a journalist on the Hawaiian newspaper "The Advertiser", Eddie Sherman, goes the honour that all of the takings from the show were to go to a fund which he himself had established the previous year. The fund was established in honour of the Hawaiian singer and composer, Kuiokalani Lee, who died of cancer on 3rd December 1966 aged just 34. Lee had composed "I'll Remember You", a song Elvis recorded on 10th June 1966 in Nashville and which he also used in the satellite show. The aim was to raise $25.000 for the fund. The result turned out to be $85.000. Bill Belew made the American Eagle jumpsuit which Elvis wanted to wear especially for this concert, to show his love for the United States. The Special, which aired in 36 countries, was viewed by over 1,5 billion people, or three out of seven people worldwide. In 1973, that amounted to half the world's population.

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