Elvis Presley 1976/05/09
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... And Then The Lights Went Down
Sue McCasland - Elvis The Concert Year
Lake Tahoe
During the Elvis concert on May 9 1976 in the Sahara Tahoe Hotel this was the menu.


Consomme Celestine - Cream of Asparagus Crenshaw Melon - Cantaloupe - Bartlett pear with Grated Cheddar Chilled Tomato Juice - Chopped Chicken Livers Fresh Garden Mixed green Salad


Sahara's Famous Ceasar, Roquefort, Clear French, Thousand Islands

A La Carte Appetizers

Alaskan King Crab Baby Schrimp Dungeness Crab Legs Louisiana Prawns


Chille Neptun's Delight Broiled Choice New York Cut Steak Roast Prime Rib of Beef Broiled Center Cut Filet Mignon Breast of Young Caponette, Gordon Blue Broiled Australian Lobster Tails Freshly Ground Sirloin Steak Montery Abalone with Baked Idaho or Creole Rice Provencale Tomato

Coffee --- Tea --- Milk --- Iced Tea --- Sanka

A La Carte Deserts

Sahadra's Ultimate Black Forest Cake Fresh Strawberries, Sour Cream, Brown Sugar Ice Cream Cake with Rasberry Sauce Fresh Strawberry Shortcake Kalua Parfait Cheese Cake Jello Caramel Custard Chocolate Mousse Creme de Menthe parfait Vanilla Ice Cream Rainbow Sherbet

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