Elvis Presley 1975/04/01
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The Concert Years by Stein E. Skar
Judy Palmer (The Concert Years by Stein E. Skar)
Turning 40 depressed Elvis so much that he ended up in the hospital late January 1975, instead of in Las Vegas for his usual season. Several physical problems forced him to stay in the hospital until February 14, but no surgery was necessary. A positive side effect of Elvis’ stay in the hospital was that he kicked off a bit from unnecessary addictive pills.

The cancelled shows from January/February were moved to the second half of March. The engagement started very good. According to the PR- boss of the Hilton, who attended all opening nights since 1969, Elvis never appeared more relaxed or sung better than in most of this season. Elvis’ choice of songs also showed that he felt on great form vocally. He had never included so many musical pearls together – and almost all nostalgia, the quick renditions of songs from the 50s, was gone. When Elvis, perhaps on his best vocal form ever, in one and the same show can present songs like “My Boy”, “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, “And I Love You So”, “Big Boss Man”, “The Wonder Of You”, “Fairytale”, “How Great Thou Art” then the result has to be very good. The karate acts were skipped and Elvis obviously concentrated more on the songs and spent less time on other things during his stage performances in this season.

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