Elvis Presley 1956/08/24
Taken on:
A Life in Music - The Complete Recording Sessions (by Ernst Jorgensen)
Recording Love Me Tender on the Fox soundstage.
20th Century-Fox's stage 1, Hollywood.
Producer: Lionel Newman/ Arranger: Ken Darby/ Engineers: Bob Mayer/Ken Runyon

Guitar: Vito Mumolo/ Accordion: Dom Frontieri/ Bass: Mike "Myer" Rubin/ Drums: Richard Cornell/ Vocals: Rad Robinson, Jon Dodson/ Banjo: Luther Rountree, Charles Prescott

20th Century-Fox didn't use individual slate and take numbers, but ran them consecutively; as a result, take information is not completely clear.

In interviews from the time, Elvis confessed to having trouble sleeping, being hurt by the ctiticism that followed his Milton Berle appearances - in general, having problems because "everything is happening to me so fast." What to the world seemed like no more than a series of phenomenally lucky breaks had actually come as the result of his own determination, application, and hard work. Now, already haunted by personal insecurities and lack of direction from the record company, Elvis had to learn how to make movies; it was, really, like starting all over. Elvis was enormously excited about the idea of filming - he knew his own lines and everyone else's in the script by heart - but the music issue still rankled him. 20th Century Fox had refused to let him record with his band, but seemingly for all the wrong reasons; Their excuse was that Scotty and Bill couldn't play country, which was what the script required, and which of course would have been a surprise to Sam Phillips or any of the Starlite Wranglers.

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