Elvis Presley 1975/05/31
Taken on:
"Elvis On Stage" by Keith Alverson
The photo was made by Keith's friend Joyce Biddy. Dick Grob had obtained the original negative for this photo and had given Keith permission use it for his book.
Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama
Indian Feather Suit
Over the course of three weeks Elvis had managed to shed a great deal of surplus fat and was an impressive sight in his new jumpsuits, where particularly the Indian inspired "Indian Feather"-costume caused the audience to gasp. The Huntsville newspaper National Tatler's writer Dianna Sheran wrote under the headline "Streamlined Elvis still has the old magic": "Elvis Presley has lost 5 kilos and is back on tour almost as slim and hip-swinging as ever - and has lost nothing of the magic which drives women crazy. The reports of an elephantine Elvis luckily proved no longer to be true. A new streamlined Elvis started the tour in Huntsville, Alabama."

Elvis held five concerts in Huntsville where the audience created an incredible atmosphere in the hall - Elvis' spirits and voice knocked them all out. Five teenage girls broke their legs when they jumped from the balcony in an attempt to get on to the stage right underneath them. Eight grown up women tried to "fly" through the wall of security guards, but they failed.

Thousands of flashbulbs (it looked like a thousand lightning storms) when Elvis entered to the tune of "2001; A Space Odyssey". People went wild. If you were there, you can understand that trying to tell the experience in words is like trying to ad lib a volcano.

Elvis was in a very good mood. He didn't talk particularly much during these tour concerts, but there was no mistaking the mood. Elvis was back in good shape, both physically and mentally.

On this picture you can see Elvis shaking hands with Mr. Keith Alverson. Keith Alverson: "As Elvis stepped onto the stage, he walked straight towards me. I stood up and stuck out my hand to him. He noticed me as soon as I stood up, and he leaned down and shook my hand and gave me a really good smile!".'

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