Elvis Presley 1976
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King of Spades
Eventhough we can’t know the dates of all the pictures that were made of Elvis, some pictures are just to beautiful not to share... As is this beauty from 1976. Were we can see Elvis in the back, he is wearing his ‘King of Spades’ jumpsuit. We can see our man reaching out to his fans, but just take a closer look at the faces & hands of the fans themselves. Many of us didn’t have the chance to see Elvis live at work, but seeing a picture like this, makes us realize even more... When you saw him, you wanted to be close and reach out to him!
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Deke Rivers 6 wrote on May 23, 2011
The messiah !
Pedro Nuno wrote on May 24, 2011
Those are the pictures I love. Great.
Natha wrote on May 25, 2011
FANtastic shot. Indeed it shows how much joy he brought to so many lives. Yes, and how much I would have loved to just be there! Thanks for uploading this one.
mypoint wrote on May 27, 2011
Great Shot
Cher wrote on May 30, 2011
Note also the age range. Not just teens, not just young girls but middle aged and elderly too. Male/female, there was nobody who was not affected or who did not love The King. Thanks for uploading this.
benny scott wrote on June 03, 2011
What a charisma he had (and still has) ! Thanks Nancy for lettting us share this beauty ! Always El.