Elvis Presley 1960/61
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On the set of ‘Wild in the Country’
This week’s picture shows us two young men who were at the top of the music scene in the 1950’s. Standing next to Elvis we see Pat Boone. As Elvis was the one who would shock parents, Boone was more the one they ‘trusted.’ During the now famous ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ session in December 1956, Elvis sang ‘Don’t Forbid Me.’ Elvis had first choice to the song but it became one of Boone’s greatest hits. The two met while Elvis was filming ‘Wild in the Country.’ Elvis began filming on December 9th 1960, and at the request of the Colonel, Elvis was made possible to spend Christmas at home. So on December 23rd filming was paused until January 4th 1961. Eventhough Elvis was released by the studio on the 20th, he had to return the next month. Preview audiences had reacted badly to the suicide of Hope Lange’s character, so they filmed a new ending.
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