Elvis Presley 1974/05/13
Taken on:
San Bernadino, California
Wonderful picture of Elvis made in 1974, the place is San Bernadino, California. And the date is May 13th. That same evening Elvis was performing at the local ‘Swing Auditorium.’ The concert began at 8.30 P.M., Elvis wore the Blue Eagle Suit and approx. 7200 fans were present. It was the last concert of a small California tour that started out in the same city on May 10th. In between, he performed in Los Angeles and Fresno, all concerts were sold out! Just behind Elvis we recognize his girlfriend Linda Thompson and on the right his friend and bodyguard Jerry Shilling.
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jb4elvis wrote on May 20, 2016
A really nice picture. Elvis looked good and was still giving really solid performances at this point in 1974. Linda Thompson truly was and is a beautiful woman. Nice pic! jb