Elvis Presley 1956/10/28
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‘60 million tv viewers, can’t be wrong!’
‘60 million tv viewers, can’t be wrong!’
New York
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As you will be able to read in this article, this picture proves again how much Elvis was involved in the welfare of the American youth!

On October 28th 1956 Elvis was again in New York for this second performance on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’. It almost became a habit for Elvis, he stayed at the Warwick Hotel and went to the CBS theatre. It must have brought back memories of his first six appearances in the Big Apple that year when he appeared in the Dorsey Shows in January. Since Elvis his first performance in the ‘Sullivan Show’, (Where, because of an automobile accident in August, Ed himself wasn’t present and the show was hosted by Charles Laughton.) a lot has happened in his life. He had completed the filming of his first movie ‘Love Me Tender’, and made a triumphant return to his hometown, Tupelo on September 26th. RCA already released ‘Love Me Tender’ and the single had already gone gold!

Going back to the day itself now… In the afternoon there was a press conference held. The critics didn’t like Elvis all that much but they couldn’t help but liking Elvis as a person. Even Mr. Sullivan was impressed with the answers Elvis gave to the questions he was asked. There was one in particular, a question about the “silly girls kissing his white Cadillac”. Elvis responded in his usual way; “If it wasn’t for what you call those silly girls, I wouldn’t have that white Cadillac!” At the end of the afternoon came another public display of Elvis his sincerity to help those less fortunate. He received a new type of vaccination for polio. It was a good way to get the attention of parents and youngsters to realize the deadly effects of polio. At the show that same evening Elvis performed four songs; ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘Love Me Tender’ (twice) and ‘Hound Dog’.
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Aarons wrote on August 01, 2010
Just to let you know ElvisNews, Elvis did not perform 'Love Me Tender' twice. Elvis performed 'Love Me' and 'Love Me Tender'. Don't worry I was not offended.