Elvis Presley 1968/06/25
Taken on:
Burbank, LA
All smiling faces on this picture from June 1968. Elvis was working on his comeback special since the beginning of that month. From Monday June 3rd 1968 he began in top shape with the rehearsals, between June 20th and the 23rd Elvis was recording in the studio. And on Tuesday June 25th there were nothing but smiling faces when during a press conference the Comeback special was announced. On this picture we can see the four important men who created this special, from left to right; Bones Howe (Recording Producer/Engineer), Steve Binder (Producer/Director of the show), Elvis (THE MOST IMPORTANT MAN!) and Bob Finkel (Executive Producer of the show).

The special proved to be a turning point in Elvis his career, opened doors to new horizons and above all, brought him back on his stage!
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