Elvis Presley 1974/03/20
Taken on:
The Commercial Appeal
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis Suit
This one was during the concert Elvis gave in his hometown Memphis on March 20th 1974 at Mid-South Coliseum. He began his tour on March 1st and in those twenty days he visited 15 cities and made over 358.000 fans happy!! Elvis ended his first tour of that year in Memphis with concerts on 16, 17 and on Wednesday night the 20th. There were 12.300 people who watched Elvis perform one of his best concerts ever. It is also this concert that was recorded by RCA and that was released on record the same year in July (‘Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis’).

This is almost a symbolic picture, because it is as if Elvis says ‘Thank You’ to his loyal fans.
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old shep wrote on January 05, 2010
That's a great shot of Elvis Nancy
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on January 05, 2010
What a beautiful 1974 picture - Never seen before. Keep up the excellent work, Nancy - it seems as if every picture you post on ElvisNews.com is a discovery. Great!
Sirbalkan wrote on January 06, 2010
I LOVE IT... I wish it could be sold as a huge poster ! :)
OtisBlue22 wrote on January 07, 2010
Wish he would've played the darn thing! He seemed to have such fun on the '68 Special, why didn't he just plug in and riff?! Nevermind, those homecoming shows were among his best anyway, and fortunately captured for posterity on the subsequent disc: Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis.
Raleighroadace wrote on January 09, 2010
Judging by the cd, Elvis was in top form that night.His voice never sounded so good.