Elvis Presley 1975/07/08
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The Concert Years
Myriad Convention Center
Indian Feather Suit
How about that crowd, hey? Each and everyone looks very happy in Oklahoma City on Tuesday July 8th 1975. During the 8.30 P.M. show at the Myriad Convention Center, where the attendance was 15,291 people! We can see Elvis in his beautiful ‘Indian Feather Suit.’

Just before this tour Elvis had finished another one that he did from May 30th up to June 10th. Shortly afterwards Elvis was again admitted to hospital, for two days this time. The trouble with his eyes continued to give him problems. The diagnose of glaucoma would always be a source of treatment for him. Eventhough the stage lights were part of the problem, Elvis still gave all for his fans and was back on stage for another tour from July 8th till July 24th 1975. During this tour he was full of life and looked absolutely fantastic!
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Pedro Nuno wrote on September 17, 2009
Fantastic Photo. It's not often you can see the crowd in the audience. Never knew there was security guys facing the audience like the ones we can see sited in those chairs with blue jacket! The July 1975 tour was Elvis last decent tour of his career, with the exception of the last 5 days tour of 1976.
My boy, my boy wrote on September 18, 2009
What a great shot indeed....Elvis looks very good...he should have gone on a European tour during this period ! Thanks but no thanks Colonel !
ger wrote on September 20, 2009
If Elvis wanted to go to Europe no one could have stopped him everyone must think he was stupid and weak. Look at 68 comeback the Colonel wanted a Christmas show but Elvis dune what he wanted thank God. Good picture
GEORGE (GK) wrote on February 04, 2011
Love this photo !! It shows you what Elvis saw from the stage.