Elvis Presley 1956/07/01
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We go back to July 1st 1956 this week with a behind the scenes pic. On that day Elvis appeared on the Steve Allen show. Where he performed two songs; ‘I want you, I need you, I love you’ and ‘Hound Dog.’ But he also was part of a comedy sketch with Andy Griffith, Imogene Coca and host Steve Allen. As we all know Steve Allen wasn’t Elvis his biggest fan but as we can see on this picture, his son sure was! The boy looks up to Elvis and this was probably one of the happiest moments in his life! Besides Elvis, Steve Allen and his son we can also see Imogene Coca.

Steve Allen was born on December 26th 1921, he was married to Dorothy Goodman in 1943 and they had three children, Steve Jr., Brian, and David. That marriage ended in divorce in 1952. Allen's second wife was actress Jayne Meadows, they had one son, Bill Allen and were married from 1954 until his death on October 30th 2000. He died from a massive heart attack. Autopsy results concluded that a traffic accident earlier in the day had caused a blood vessel in his chest to rupture, causing blood to leak into the sac surrounding the heart.
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stu wrote on September 10, 2009
It was interesting to read about the photo. Is it just me, but what's the young fellas other hand up to? Oh. and the autopsy report was a blast... such detail. Just what we want to read as the long, dark nights close in!
Michael.W. wrote on September 11, 2009
You're right Stu,it seems as if he is celebrating the happiest moment of his life with the other hand:-)
stu wrote on September 12, 2009
And Elvis appears to have a trouser snake! There is something very dodgy about this photo!!
Aarons wrote on September 15, 2009
I think the boy is holding a chocolate bar.