Elvis Presley 1972/11/10
Taken on:
Bud Sanders
Bud Sanders
El Paso
Burning Love Suit/ white
Bud Sanders was lucky enough to be in the front row center.
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Mofoca22 wrote on February 17, 2009
thats an awesome picture of elvis.
David Brys wrote on February 17, 2009
Wouldn't this one make a fantastic desktop wallpaper! (fellows? :-))
dgirl wrote on February 17, 2009
I always thought the jumpsuits & especially the capes made Elvis look cartoonish, like Captain Marvel. I guess they were good for a while, in the beginning, the plain white or black early Vegas styles, but they got gawdy & lent to the overall image of the Vegas jump-suited overweight Elvis that people constantly look down upon. An image change was needed after 1972. When Evel Kenevel started to wear them , that was enough for me.
genedin wrote on February 17, 2009
are we forgetting this is stage wear?
elvisfan1958 wrote on February 25, 2009
Elvis was our Super Hero. Hence the cape!
King Rootin Tootin wrote on March 12, 2009
The Cape with the collar, the Lightning Bolt, yes its true the Hero of the Comic Books, if you go back that far, SHAZAM, Captain Marvel or Captain Marvel Jr, and they ended the same time (1954) he recorded his first record.
sitdown68 wrote on March 15, 2009
well about the stage suits: you wouldn't have had a Ziggy Stardust outfit by David Bowie without that. If you look back carefully at the 70's (I was about 8 years old by 72) other artists wore all kinds of suits. I've seen Queen live at Zurich in 81 then, and Freddy wore quite a fancy suit. anybody ever did a field investigation on the influence of that, it started with Presley but it lasted longer than the man himself
Ruthie wrote on March 19, 2009
Yes, it is stage wear but as much as I love Elvis, the capes were a bit much. I liked the jumpsuit idea & thought the plain back & plain white with fringed belt at the beginning was neat. However, as the jumpsuits became more bedazzled, I think it took away from him rather than complimented him. On the other hand, he was out to please his fans & to this day most fans go crazy over these suits. I personally try to get past them & concentrate on what he was doing - singing.