Elvis Presley 1956/03
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Elvis Presley The Man, The Life, The Legend
Elvis Presley The Man, The Life, The Legend
New York, NY
Lansky, style wise, is where it all began. Elvis frequented Lansky’s when he barely had tow nickels to rub together and remained a loyal client his entire life. Bernard Lansky wisely gave him a house charge early on. Next time you are at the Peabody Hotel down in Memphis, stop by and say hello to the deeply charming (especially to the ladies) proprietor. Note to overly familiar Northerners: Be like EP and call him ‘Mr. Lansky’ no matter how much he protests.

But this photo was taken March 1956, at a haberdashery off Times Square, when EP was shopping with Al Wertheimer. Elvis was in New York for a number of appearances on the Dorsey Stage Show. Our boy was a real big spender because on March 9th, he spent $103 at Lansky’s in Memphis.
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