Elvis Presley 1975/12/31
Taken on:
Derek Phillips - Images In Concert
George Hill
Pontiac, Michigan
The original the story behind the photo from photographer George O. Hill: The Pontiac Silverdome and the largest crowd in Elvis' career. This show brings back many memories! By the time the legendary Rocky Barra and I got inside the Silverdome I was almost frozen! It was brutally cold... especially for a boy from the south! The "stage" was so large it was intimidating. Elvis did not seem really comfortable with the set up. He was above and away from the band and backup singers but it was still a great show. A little longer than the usual show with Elvis doing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight. He also had to change outfits as the first one split! It was a very awkward situation for taking good photos. But, as always, Elvis made it well worth the trip and the cold to see another of his legendary concerts!
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