Elvis Presley 1972/04/07
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Elvis Turk
Photoplay Movie Magazine from March 1973
This week an image from Photoplay Movie Magazine from March 1973 about "On Tour".

The electrifying atmosphere and success – in purely film terms – of Elvis: ‘That’s The Way It Is’ must have alerted Colonel Tom Parker to the lucrative possibilities of making similar film, this time with Elvis recalling his rise from being poor country lad to becoming the greatest single influence on popular music, little dives down memory lane against the background of his dynamic concert tours of America.

The result is Elvis On Tour, which translates the emotion charged fever which is generated by Elvis Presley. The producer and director, Pierre Adidge and Robert Abel are documentary film makers some skill and their film projects enough raw excitement to give credence to the myths surrounding Presley, possibly the most mysterious entertainer of all time.

The film shows the man, his life and his music. It follows him from his poor childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi through the sights and sounds of his record-breaking tours. ‘A great deal has been written about Elvis’ musical roots because he was the greatest single influence on popular music. But before now, he told it as it happened” say Abel and Adidge. “I’ve never gotten over what they call stage fright” the likeable Mr. Presley says, “I go through it every show” (Photoplay Movie Magazine from March 1973).

This Picture of the week was submitted by the Elvis Turk fan club from Turkey.
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