Elvis Presley 1969/08/01
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Word for Word by Jerry Osborne
Elvis At Press Conference 1969 (Joe Tunzi)
International Hotel, Las Vegas
Right after his opening night show on July 31, Elvis gave a press conferention at the International. This gathering started at 12.30 A.M.

Q: Did you enjoy performing again?
A: Yes! This has been one of the most exciting nights of my life.

Q: Did you feel nervous during the show?
A: For the first three songs or so, before I loosened up. Then I thought, "What the heck. Get with it, man, or you might be out of a job tomorrow."

Q: Do you have a share in the Hotel?
A: No, I have not

Q: Why did you choose a negro backup group?
A: They help me get a feeling and get to my soul.

Q: Have you ever seen England's top singer, Cliff Richard?
A: Yes, I met him in Germany a long time ago.

Q: Mr. Presley, I've been sent to the press conference to offer you one million pounds Sterling to make one appearance at the Wembley Empire Stadium in England, for two concerts.
A: [Pointing to Col. Tom Parker] You'll have to ask him about that.

[Col. Tom Parker] Just put down the deposit.

Q: Why have you led such a secluded life?
A: It's not secluded. I'm just sneaky.

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