Elvis Presley 1966
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The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Commemorative Album 1935-1977 (Julie Mundy)
An open air meal brings a surprise guest
Set of Spinout
In his movie Spinout, Elvis played racing driver Mike McCoy, who was constantly facing difficult choices- which car to drive, which venue to sing at and which girl to marry.

However, seeing this picture, one can’t help to think about how much Elvis loved animals. Elvis was so attached to some of his animals that whenever one would die while he was on the road no one would tell him about it until he returned. Perhaps the one story that best illustrates Elvis’ love of animals was his desperate afforts to save the life of his dog Getlo. In August of 1975, Getlo, a beautiful Chow, developed life-threatening kidney problems. Elvis spent tens of thousands of dollars to fly the dog to Boston for treatment. Getlo stayed at the Copley Plaza Hotel where he was treated for two days before being tranferred to a veterinary hospital. After two months of treatment, Getlo returned to Graceland and died not long after in spite of Elvis’ efforts.

Quote: Animals don’t hate and we’re supposed to be better than them. -EAP

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