Elvis Presley 1973/08
Taken on:
The Concert Years
Judy Palmer (The Concert Years)
Las Vegas
White Target Suit
About the closing show of this engagement:

This closing show was very special; crazy but very good. The lyrics got rather a rough treatment. For example 'Fever' got this wording: 'Myrna Smith and J.D. Sumner had a very mad affair, when their wives and husbands caught them, saw nothing but teeth and hair'. Elvis has been wheeled on stage lying in a bed, with the microphone at hip level underneath the sheets, pointing straight up...

Later the orchestra begins 'Suspicious Minds', while Elvis sings 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'... Elvis also takes the opportunity to have a go at the hotel management which wants to fire one of the employees as soon as Elvis ends the season. The highlight of the show was a new song, 'Softly As I Leave You', a beautiful song with very touching lyrics. Elvis holds one hand over his eyes and while the orchestra plays the melody his voice fills the room as Elvis recites the words in an almost freighting dramatic way. Not a dry eye in the house at the end of the song."

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