Elvis Presley 1969
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Elvis A Celebration (by Mike Evans)
Elvis embraced by a female member of the Las Vegas audience.
International Hotel, Las Vegas
During this comeback seas
The reaction of the female members of the Las Vegas audience got wilder and wilder as the season progressed. They started throwing underwear at the stage, no doubt encouraged by Elvis, who, leaning over to the front row, would kiss a fan here, touch a hand there. But sometimes it wasn't enough. On the photo you can see a female member of the Las Vegas audience running onto the stage just to hug Elvis. It was all good natured fun, though sometimes the level of enthusiasm approached the point of hysteria.

Unlike the restrained "supper club" type of audiences at his Las Vegas debut at the New Frontier Hotel back in 1956, the crowds at the 1969 comeback season were redolent of the demonstrative fans he encountered during his touring concerts in the Fifties, screaming at his every gesture, physically moved by his music. When he reached out to them, they reacted as his fans always had, they stretched forwards to touch him, hung on every word he uttered, every lyric he sang. They moved with him, as one.

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