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Set of Change Of Habit
Title: Change of habit

Company: Universal

Producer: Joe Connelly

Director: William Graham

Screenplay: James Lee, S.S. Schweizer, and Eric Bercovici (based on a story by John Joseph and Richard Morris).

Co-actors: Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair, Jane Elliot, Leora Dana, Edward Asner, Robert Emhardt, Regis Toomey.

Length: 93 min.

First appearance: January 21, 1970

Storyline: In the clinic where Dr. John Carpenter (Elvis) works three young nuns have to get experienced with the 'real' world, without their habit.Dr. Carpenter falls in love with Sister Michelle (Mary Tyler Moore) and wonders why she's taking distance. The nuns gets problems outside their convent. At last the get the order to return. When Dr. Carpenter sings 'Let us pray' in a church in a ghetto, he sees Sister Michelle in her habit. The question if she chooses for Dr. Carpenter or her habit is not answered. Elvis socially involved in a good role in a serious movie - but the spectators were driven away already.

Songs: Change of habit, Rubberneckin', Let us pray

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