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Derek Phillips
George O. Hill.
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Auburn, Alabama
George Hill about this previously unpublished photo he made:

"March 5th, 1974, Elvis "live and in color" on "the loveliest village of the plains" Auburn University's Coliseum. I was fortunate to attend Auburn University on a football scholarship and it thrilled me immensely to see Elvis on the campus of my alma mater. He was the first entertainer to "sell out" the Auburn Memorial Coliseum. Considering it had been played by The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Bob Hope among others that was a significant feat. Elvis looked great and put on an outstanding show.

Another thing that drew a thunderous applause was when Elvis said "congratulations on your football team, War Eagle"! It fired me up to hear Elvis Presley saying Auburn's War/Battle Cry! Just a couple of years earlier I saw Elvis on the Univerity of Alabama's campus (Nov. 1971). Another great show, too, I might add. Elvis did congratulate them on their football team but never uttered their "war cry" or "battle cry".

A fantastic show in Auburn on March 5, 1974! War Eagle indeed! Good times never seemed so good"

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Jul 15, 2004 
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