Zippin Pippin Donated To Save Libertyland

The second oldest wooden rollercoaster in the world, the Zippin Pippin, is still good for some news. After they closed Libertyland, home of Elvis favorite attraction, the coaster was sold to another amusement park. While they are waiting for the attraction to be me moved to it’s new home, it’s still at his location in the middle of the abandoned park. In the mean while, the organisation ‘Save Libertyland’ will try to restore the park in to it’s original glory. The current owner of the Zippin Pippin has decided to donate the coaster and hopes that this will going to be a good start for the re-opening of the park.
Source: ElvisMatters / Updated: Apr 28, 2007 
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Molly07 (profilecontact) wrote on May 1, 2007report abuse
Its sad to see all of this abandoned...but folks, in case you haven't been to Memphis recently, this park is in a very dangerous section of town...not the greatest spot for an amusement park....Maybe someone can move it to a safer place, have it restored properly so people can enjoy it..but it needs to be moved for certain..
June (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2007report abuse
It is a continuing struggle, to save Elvis history in Memphis........
Jerome (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 29, 2007report abuse
is there anything out there that's not abandoned?
Mystery Rider (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
if they can Fix Coney Island in NYC they can fix anything.
stanton (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
It makes me feel good to hear that at least SOME people have a heart for history and try to do something to keep attractions like this alive. After all, we are not the last generation in the world....besides I cannot understand why EPE don`t buy it anyways; it WAS definitely a part of Elvis`favorite pasttime.
June (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 28, 2007report abuse
Good for's hoping.

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