Weekend Single Update

In Denmark ‘A Little Less Conversation’ is back on top of the charts again, this is the third time since it was released the single made it to No. 1 in Denmark. In Hungaria the single also remained on top of the charts. In Switzerland the single is steady at No. 3. In Austria the single fell from the Top 10 to No. 11. In Canada the single fell seven places to No. 8 while on the airplay chart its No. 22 from No. 16. In the Dutch Top 40 the single ‘A Little Less Conversation’ fell five places to No. 15 in its thirteenth week while in the Dutch Mega Top 100 the single dropped four places to No. 12. In the Dutch Free Record Shop charts the single dropped three places to No. 20 while in the Free Record Shop Dance singles chart the single fell one place to No. 5. In Australia the single fell four places to No. 17, in Spain the single is No. 5 from No. 6. In France the single is No. 15 from No. 18 while in Germany the single is No. 18, coming from No. 22. In Brazil the single is 27, climbing from 30.
Updated: Sep 15, 2002 

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