Warning For Fake Release

Earlier this week we announced two upcoming Czech releases. From several sources we have heard that one of them is a fake, and the songs are not sung by Elvis, but according to our sources by John Hara or Orion. So, if you only want the real thing, stay away from "The Long Lost Home Recordings". We asked the producers for their comments, and they answered with this press release: MEMORY records press release: It seems to me that someone is desperately trying to stop MEMORY Records from releasing the tapes. We can only speculate who´s behind it.... But the truth is: MEMORY Records would NEVER knowingly present any fake recordings as 'Elvis'. We are strongly convinced that it really is Elvis - and can give you 10 good reasons for this standpoint. We recommend anyone to check on our pages.- http://www.geocities.com/elviscz/start.html which contains a soundfile, containing one of the CD tracks. (We also may include one or more CD tracks here next week... although we don´t believe it´s necessary). The notion that this is Orion or Johnny Harra (Oh please!) is ridiculous. I get the feeling that this is a political move by somebody to stop the release, but YOU be the final judge - listening to the clip, I'm sure you will agree that this does not sound anything like Orion or Harra. I would of course appreciate if ElvisNews would present the names of the anonymous persons who are claiming this. I don´t see any reasons for them to hide.....Or do you see any reason for not revealing your name if you speak the truth and nothing but truth?? But let me give you some backgrounds. The last couple of days I have been contacted by various people trying to stop the release, telling me that Elvis' record company would sue me if I didn't, along with other threats. Someone even told me that they own ALL of Elvis' homerecordings, even the ones that they don't have. He was quoting a famous person within the Elvis world. I also got a message from circles "close to Graceland" claiming that they also have these tapes, in other words - confirming its authenticity. Well, the threats didn't work and now it seems that they are trying a different tactic. Those of us wo have heard the complete tape are STRONGLY convinced it that really is Elvis together with his friends (and we 've been listening to Elvis for some 45 years....). In fact, there is no doubt in our minds. But of course, we are not forcing anyone to trust in our believes. On the contrary - we recommend anyone who doubts this tape's authenticity not to buy this CD. Very few copies were pressed, (as we don´t want to make a profit on this CD and are happy just to cover the enormous re-mastering expenses) and in fact we doubt we shall be able to satisfy the demand for this CD. We can only stress - MEMORY records are not a big record company, struggling to make money and trying to survive in a big World. All we are asking is that you see this "campaign" by those anonymous parties for what it is, and that you form your own opinion. Our aim is to serve Elvis fans worldwide - which prevent us from presenting willingly any obvious fake as a real thing. But it´s up to you to be the judge!! Note ElvisNews.com: of course we went to listen to the file, that couldn't convince us that it is Elvis indeed. Knowing the sources we used after the first "alarm", we lean towards the "disbelievers". But like Pavel Cernocky states, it's up to each individual to buy this CD and judge, or not. About giving names, we never do that unless we get explicit permission. We think privacy is great right.
Updated: Feb 2, 2002 
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