Viva Elvis - The Album Special 2CD Version

The U.K. Sony Music branch announced the release of a double CD edition of VIVA Elvis.

This will be as follows:

CD1 - Tracks as already announced.
CD2 - The original versions of the tracks.

The 2 CD version to be released in the UK will be priced at about £1.25 (US$2) more than the single CD version.

Source: Elvis Information Network / Updated: Oct 8, 2010 

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Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
my last reaction was meant towards a person who's been removed all of the sudden? i'm just saying this to avoid misunderstanding so i was not speaking to you dgirl
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 14, 2010report abuse
you r the one who should read better Viva Elvis is not a marketing disaster this release is promoted like it should..and it works,you r really wrong Sw-Caroline Viva Elvis is a huge succes,and please don't try to fight this,it's useless,you like Viva Elvis or you don't and that's the whole point and that has nothing to do with bad marketing strategy and me i remind you( again) that this double cd is just an extra addition next to the single-cd version ( only in the UK) you can decide which one you purchase that's up to you but it won't hurt the selling of this cd worldwide.
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2010report abuse
sorry dgirl i know you didn't say that and wooden heart didn't exactly say it either i did not read i correctly so sorry from my side
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2010report abuse
Of course I do wooden heart. For instance the 'Elvis In the 90's' campaign was fabulous with the 3 boxsets, re-releases of classic albums like the early 60's studio albums with extra tracks (didnt have to pay 35.00 for classic albums then!), the Burning Love , Tomorrow is A long Time, & Suspicious Minds CDs. There were more Essential Elvis releases with outtakes (again not at FTD prices). I could go on & on. with praise. It seems the label then had people who wanted to put the catalog in the shape it should be in. Since 30 # 1 Hits however, I dont feel that is the case. With countless reissues, Camdens, and the 'real' albums now on FTD only, I dont think it is the right strategy. Sorry Jesse if I dont condone or buy every Elvis release like you & others may do. I didnt say Viva was a disaster by the way. Where did you get that from?
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2010report abuse
oh dear..the story continues..just for the record Viva Elvis is not a disaster maybe you think it is..but it isn't..period.
wooden heart (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2010report abuse
dgirl, do you think, there has been any, since elvis swichted his contract from sun to RCA Victor? As Steve V said: They should have used the unique chance of viva in this year of marketing desasters!
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2010report abuse
That may be true, but regardless there hasn't been a good marketing strategy on Elvis releases by his record label in over 10 years.
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2010report abuse
you nailed it right on the head Tony C like you say it is exactly like it is.... it's just a special edition nothing more nothing less what's wrong with that,nothing wrong with the marketing strategy on this release
Tony C (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 12, 2010report abuse
Somebody below thinks that the new creative director of EPE would bring a better marketing strategy to Sony's releases. How would that work? Quite why overseas fans feel disgust over a domestic UK special edition is beyond me, I don't know why they would even care.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 11, 2010report abuse
Jesse--- You are right. I think we all started using this space to start early complaining about the regular edition....
SatninTCB (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 10, 2010
Invisible because there was no relation to the article
Jesse Garon Presley (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 9, 2010report abuse
i'm affraid some of you pëople are missing the point it is just an extra edition of this cd and this double cd is not going to be released in every country it will be only released in the UK as double- cd read this :"The 2 CD version to be released in the UK " that cleary can be read in the article,also just wait and see what happens if this going to be released over there first see what happens and then judge, no need to be premature.
NONE000000 (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
It seems to be a rarity, but I think we're all in agreement here---dumb strategy. I can understand why some people might be sick of everyone comparing this to the Beatles "Love" cd, but the fact is, it was so well-done that it's clearly the standard for this type of thing. In fact it really is the only forerunner. And from what I've heard, "Viva Elvis" just can't hold a candle to "Love". And believe me, I am a far far bigger Elvis fan than a Beatles fan. But "Love" was just so nearly perfectly constructed that even non-fans who appreciate music at all enjoy "Love".

I am certainly going to buy this release and enjoy as much if it as I can, but it's another missed opportunity. With a vast back catalog of songs (a lot more music than the Beatles) I just don't understand the song choices or the very very short track list. I am used to finding one or two racks on an Elvis release to justify the whole thing--for example, for me the redone version of "The First Noel" made the entire horrible Christmas Duets cd worth having. And I bet there's a track or two on this that will make it worth owning, but it is such a shame they can't seem to ever put together something that is just awesome from the 1st track to the last. And the Beatles "Love" cd managed to do it. Maybe they should have hired George Martin or someone with some serious vision and taste to helm this project. So much to work with; such a letdown.....
Herman (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
EJF, I allready said that and I totally agree with you. Do the same with Viva Elvis. make a three disc set: disc 1 and 2 like normal cd's and disc 3 a dts 5.1 sound dvd. As simple as that, and everybody happy !
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
Agree - very bad marketing strategy. Who is this intended for exactly? The suckers that must have everything with Elvis' name on it? I was looking forward to this in response to Beatles Love, but I must tell you it has turned into another letdown in this anniversary year of letdowns.
benny scott (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
Really don't see the use of such release ! Like dgirl stated : the originals are available in countless other releases. Always El.
EJF (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
The Beatles' "Love" Album contains a full CD with 26 (you count them) tracks, all re-mixed to perfection by George Martin in pristine sound plus an extra DVD with all the same tracks in DTS 5.1 Audio. I tell you, a joy to listen to. The "Viva Elvis" Album contains 12 tracks, not counting any duets, in a cheap budget-looking CD. No wonder, after 40 years since they disbanded, The Beatles are still regarded in high esteem both by critics and the general public, myself included.
dgirl (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
This not the right strategy. A double cd which will cost more, to include the originals which are already available a million different ways. I dont think this is smart.
wooden heart (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 8, 2010report abuse
enjoying the masterpiece they did with the beatles cirque du soleil cd "love" they should work very hard, to beat this with our man´s backlist (since there is only one king). i´m not shure, if putting together the viva-versions with the originals, is the right strategy...

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