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Sony will release a vinyl version of the upcoming Prince From Another Planet release, which contains the Madison Square Garden shows.

Friday Music will release Aloha From Hawaii on vinyl late October.

Source: Various / Updated: Sep 8, 2012 
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Elvis Vinyl LP Fan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2012report abuse
Deano1, could not have said it any better than you did. I obviously agree with your statement, but I mostly stick to vinyl now, unless I'm in the car :)
Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2012report abuse
I like these types of releases..I love vinyl and I actually find myself listening to vinyl more than cds. I get tired of buying cd's only to have then "improve" the sound and re-release the same songs. So many times the sound is altered and not true to the original sound (the cd "Supsicious Minds" is a good example of this). I realize this release will have remastered sound from the original '72 release, but there is just something about vinyl. Call it nostalgia, call it living in the past, but I will probably buy this release.
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2012report abuse
Elvis Vinyl LP Fan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 8, 2012report abuse
So excited to hear this. Sony dropped the ball for not releasing all of the Legacy releases on vinyl, but this is great news!

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