Vernon Presley's Former Home For Sale On eBay

The home that Elvis Presley's father Vernon Presley once owned is to be auctioned off on website eBay. The 3650 Hermitage Drive property in Memphis, Tennessee, is being offered by the same company, the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame llc, that recently auctioned off the superstar's first home for $1 million (£555,500). Vernon Presley's home was just a mile from his famous son's Graceland mansion. The auction began on Friday August 4, 2006 and continues for a month until September 3, 2006.
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sunrecords56 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
Just looked up the location on Google.....just a about a 5 minute drive from Graceland....this would be Great for Uri Gellar.....he could might be able to receive "signals" from beyond in half of that time....Via "american standard"
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
lol...I don't think you can auction the
sunrecords56 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
Elvis spent some time in the ARMY and i dont see anybody breaking down the doors to get in there..
Wendy (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
I have actually seen this house from the outside and it looks as though it is still in pretty decent order although the area is not as good as it would have been in Elvis' day. I think anywhere Elvis actually spent time would be cool to own, only wish I had the money.
sunrecords56 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
Why would any one want to own it...except for its fare selling price......Vernon lived here because he couldnt live at Graceland because he was married to his new wife and her if Elvis visited somebodys else's house like maybe Georgie UT Party Klein that gives it a value?....everyone is trying to make a buck off of Elvis...he was and still is the music....not the side show everyone is trying to make of him.......
Crawfish (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
I am with you June. It won't generate the interest of Mike and Cindy's but it still has a wonderful link and I don't think there is one of us that wouldn't try if we could to own it!
June (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
Nasty comments. It is a good idea to try and find appropriate buyers for these historic properties. I wish that I could purchase it myself. Perhaps, this home will be lovingly restored and taken care of. Just knowing that our hero made visits here...would be enough for me.
sunrecords56 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
Wow.............this sounds like another buy for Uri Geller and the two Chumps...just imagine having another toilet occupied by the King.....what a deal maybe he can own half of Memphis when he's finished

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