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"Coming Soon! Get A Life Productions present 100 'Ways To Get Rid Of Elvis Impersonators'" is the header of an advertisement in the new issue of "The Man And His Music". "A great new book that offers the reader a unique opportunity to explore the many ways of how to get rid of those sad individuals known as Elvis impersonators. Yes, this book will reveal the best way to bump off those embarrassing, irksome freaks - everything from electrocution, drowning, strangulation and decapitation, but not hanging - hanging's too good for them. It will bring you hours of pleasure and set you up for a great culling spree. After just five minutes of reading this book you'll be aching to go out and rid the world of these parasites in the most dramatic of fashions. Get your order in early and we'll also send you - free of charge - the secret of how many lamas it takes to make a gold lama suit!" That last one makes us think that what might have been a useful book, is not more than a joke.
Source: Magazines: The Man And His Music / Updated: Sep 7, 2001 
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