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Yesterday's article on the EPE site about Elvis' record sales and certification by the RIAA caused some have mail traffic in our direction. We hope you all understand we can't answer each of them. We did contact EPE for giving our compliments for the clarification they gave by placing this article. EPE told us "All fans who have ever written to us and all Elvis fan sites who have done features on Elvis' record sales/certifications, including ElvisNews.com, certainly have played a role in our pursuing this article from RCA/BMG and their doing it", so all efforts are recognised and taken serious. EPE also admits that "There had been some hesitation with this article as this was going to be quite an undertaking for RCA/BMG (one gets stressed just thinking about the subject) and because neither of our companies wanted to risk antagonizing the RIAA. One fears making a bad situation worse. And, despite the fact that their current rules hurt Elvis and other artists whose work originated in a bygone era of the industry, they have been good to work with and we all appreciate it. The article is truthful and not at all mean-spirited and we would not expect the RIAA be small enough as to be retaliatory. We do imagine they'll see an increase in the mail they get and that more Elvis fans will be armed with more facts than before. One does want to turn up the heat where it will do the most good, if any." Well, that's a very clear statement, so if you are really supporting the idea that Elvis does not get enough recognition, you can visit the RIAA website and contact them. We suggest that you do it politely and to the point.
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: Feb 13, 2001 

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