Update On Myrna Smith

Myrna is still in the hospital. She seemed a little better than a week ago, but not as strong as before the infections, but there is progress. They moved Myrna to a different floor, she is no longer hooked up to a heart monitor & they have started some physical therapy, working with her in her bed to strengthen her muscles & get her moving again. Please keep Myrna in your prayers.

It would be best to wait until Myrna is back at Canyon Oaks before sending mail. Diane (Myrna's friend) is picking up Myrna's mail at Canyon Oaks, but there is another patient in her prior bed (403C). When she does go back, she will be in a different room.

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dennyelvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 2, 2010report abuse
I so hope she makes a speedy recovery, shes such a beautiful woman, get well Myrna x
Judy_Fairytale (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 1, 2010report abuse
Wishing Myrna a speedy recovery. Its great news that she has made some progress.
GeoElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 1, 2010report abuse
So glad to here Myrna is doing better,my heart and prayers are with her daily. I check this site everyday for updates on her, she is a wonderful woman and can't wait to see her up on stage again! Can't stand to have her in hospital and rehab, I lost my beloved mother Carmella a few years back, she was in rehab to get her muscles working again also, heart related problems, so it's not a great place to be, but with all the fans prayers and cards and letters, our Myrna will beat this!! God Bless You Myrna! TCB Always!!!!

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