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Elvis Live In Concert: Las Vegas August 11, 1972
Tues 8/9 6:00 am ET
This is the Elvis Summer Festival CD from 39 years ago this month! (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Elvis' Birthday
Tues 8/9 9:00 am ET
Doc Walker hosts this special birthday party with Elvis' closest friends and associates. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Compare/Contrast Classic Rhythm & Blues
Tues 8/9 6:00 pm ET
Doc Walker compares the original R&B classics played back to back with the King's classic covers. (1 hr)

The Best of Elvis Radio: Elvis Week, A Look Back
Tues 8/9 9:00 pm ET
To get you ready for Elvis Week #34, Elvis Radio takes you back to the Elvis Weeks from the past seven years. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Double Trouble
Tues 8/9 10:00 pm ET
Double your pleasure and double your fun with Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week feature Double Trouble. (5 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Thurs 8/11 2:00 am ET

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Guest DJ John Oates
Wed 8/10 9:00 am ET
Argo hosts this insightful hour with John Oates as he shares the inspiration for his latest solo release, Mississippi Mile. (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Fri 8/12 8:00 pm ET

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Terry Mike Jeffrey’s Top 10 Countdown
Wed 8/10 6:00 pm ET
TMJ admits that this was an awfully difficult assignment! There's no way any true Elvis fan can only pick out 10 EP songs, but Terry Mike gives it his Elvis-best. (1 hr)Rebroadcast: Fri 8/12 9:00 am ET

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Compare/Contrast with the Beatles
Thurs 8/11 9:00 am ET
Doc Walker compares John, Paul, George and Ringo's recorded work with Elvis' Beatles covers played back to back. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: The ‘68 Comeback with Jerry Schilling & Joe Esposito
Thurs 8/11 6:00 pm ET
Doc Walker presents a nostalgic look back with the King’s closest advisors, Jerry and Joe at Elvis’ return to concerts! (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Little Yellow 45s
Fri 8/12 6:00 pm ET
Big Jim presents an hour of Elvis' earliest recorded work at Sun Studio. (1 hr)

Saturday Special: Elvis Week Is Here
Sat 8/13 12:00 pm ET
If you can't get to Graceland for Elvis Week, Elvis Radio brings Graceland to you! Elvis fans and insiders share their love for Elvis with dedications and testimonials to help you share in the 34th Annual Elvis Week experience. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Clambake
Sat 8/13 7:00 pm ET
How about a crazy Elvis Movie Of The Week feature for this special Soundtrack Saturday Night. Bill Rock has his clam rake, so join him on the beach for Clambake! (5 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Tues 8/16 10:00 pm ET; Thurs 8/18 2:00 am ET

Elvis Live In Concert: Global World Premiere, Amarillo '77
Sat 8/13 8:00 pm ET
This is the newest FTD concert release from March 24, 1977, at the Amarillo Civic Center in Texas. (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Sun 8/14 12:00 am ET; Sun 8/14 10:00 pm ET

The Best Of Elvis Radio: The GK Super Session with Jerry Schilling & Joe Esposito
Mon 8/15 9:00 am ET
George Klein hosted this historic 30th Anniversary three-hour special from 2007. It’s the definitive spoken word Elvis Jam Session with the three guys who knew Elvis the best and the longest. (3 hrs)

Candlelight Vigil 2011
Mon 8/15 9:00 pm ET
For the eighth consecutive year Elvis Radio provides complete coverage of the 34th Annual Candlelight Vigil live from Graceland. (3 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Tues 8/16 1:00 pm ET

Elvis Radio Celebrates The Life, Times & Music of Elvis Aaron Presley
Tues 8/16 12:00 am ET
We salute Elvis Fans around the world with a special day of programming featuring the historic Elvis Radio Candlelight Vigil broadcasts from 2008, 2009, 2010, and Bill Rock's Elvis Radio 7th Anniversary Show. On this day every year, the whole world focuses on The King Of Rock & Roll! (21 hrs) 

Source: Elvis.com / Updated: Aug 9, 2011 
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