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Elvis Live In Concert: Elvis Viva Las Vegas, The Walmart Edition
Tues 4/27 6:00 am ET
This is one of the best-ever Elvis concerts from his first comeback concert engagement in Las Vegas from August, 1969. SIRIUS XM’s Elvis Radio is the only place you can hear this incredible show without owning the special collectors double-CD release. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: Elvis: His Ground Breaking, Hip Shaking, News Making Rock & Roll Story
Tues 4/27 9:00 pm ET
Let’s go behind the scenes at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. with their brand new exhibit. We’ll also hear from Jerry Schilling, who was with Elvis when they met President Nixon in the Oval Office at the “other” White House. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Roustabout
Tues 4/27 10:00 pm ET
Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week is 1964’s Roustabout, directed by John Rich. (2 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Thurs 4/29 5:00 am ET

Elvis Live In Concert: America’s Heartland Omaha April 22, 1976
Fri 4/30 8:00 pm ET
Thirty-four years ago at the end of April, Elvis played in concert in the heartland of America, thus the title from this FTD Collectors Label CD release. (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Sun 5/2 12:00 am ET; Sun 5/2 10:00 pm ET; Tues 5/4 6:00 am ET

Saturday Special: Priscilla Remembers Elvis
Sat 5/1 12:00 pm ET
Priscilla and Elvis were married on this day in 1967. Priscilla talks about the ceremony, life with Elvis and his legacy. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Tickle Me
Sat 5/1 10:00 pm ET
Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week is 1965’s western comedy musical Tickle Me. (2 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Tues 5/4 10:00 pm ET; Thurs 5/6 5:00 am ET

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