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We got some great input from one of our readers. He gave us three tracks from the new Follow That Dream Release (In A Private Moment) and three tracks from Such A Night (Essential Elvis, Volume 6). The tracks from In A Private Moment are: What Now My Love, Blowing In The Wind and It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (sung with a record or tape in the background). From Such A Night (Essental Elvis, Volume 6) we received Make me Know It, Stuck On You and I'm Gonna Get Back Home Somehow The tracks were "shown" by Ernst Jorgensen at a Dutch fanclubmeeting. The tracks from the FTD release were recorded in Bad Nauheim in 1959 and in Elvis' Hollywood home around 1966 (from the so called Guitar tape). The tracks from Essential Elvis, Volume 6 are studio-outtakes. In the next three weeks we will feature a real audio track from both CD's. This week you can listen to It's A Sin To Tell A Lie and Stuck On You. In our ears the two most interesting recordings. And here were the links to the audio-files. Unfortunately RCA didn't like our gesture, so we removed the files.
Updated: Oct 31, 1999 
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